Virgil Wayne is the name, and I was raised down South in Dixieland.  Years ago, my grandmother (Mommy Jeanne), granddaughter of Parham’s sister, passed these letters on to me folded-up in a yellowed envelope inside of a tattered shoe box.

As a child, I loved to listen to Mommy Jeanne tell stories of those in the family tree who had gone on before me and how their lives intertwined with events I read about in history books. She was a remarkable woman who dedicated herself to being the family historian.

This blog is made in memory of Mommy Jeanne and in honor of Parham Buford who nobly died while wearing of the gray.


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  1. Chip Prehn says:

    Dear Virgil Wayne:

    Though I try to get to Sharpsburg occasionally, I just yesterday visited the new 2012 Monument on Cornfield Ave. My great-grandmother’s brother died at Sharpsburg and his name is listed in the memorial: John P.F. Stribling. The initials are for Pulaski and Farr. He was called “Farr” Stribling and his mother was a daughter of Colonel William Farr of Battle of Cowpens fame. Farr Stribling was in Company H of the 11th Mississippi and hailed from Philadelphia, Miss., though it looks like he offered service in Houston and not Philadelphia. In any case, I am fascinated by your blog and the wonderful work you’ve done with it. Well done! You have through these letters filled in a great deal about what life must have been like for our brave kinsman in the Year of Our Lord 1862, and the year before. Thank you! I heartily hope that we might begin to correspond.


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  2. wayneandjen says:

    Thank you for the note, and I’m pleased that you are enjoying the blog. You have quite a family heritage. I’m glad you’ve been able to see Sharpsburg and the monument there, such an abundance of historical places to visit in the mid-Atlantic states. Lord willing, I hope to visit the site one day and intend to post another letter or two before year’s end.


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