25th Letter: “Shot in Both Legs” (September 5, 1862)

Photo is of Walter Scott Buford.

Click image of Walter Scott Buford to view source of photo.

Sept 5th 1862

Dear Mother.

For once I have an opportunity of sending you a letter, which I hope you will find you all enjoying good health- Since I last wrote we have been engaged in two conflicts with the enemy, the last battle was fought near the old battle ground of Manassas. and was I think one of the bloodiest battles that has ever been fought in Va. though I h have sad news to relate-

Walter I think is crippled for life.


September 5, 1862

though we had only one man killed in both engagements – vis – A T Porter. Sanford Bodon was slightly wounded and Esom Dooley severely in the the Breast. Walter has gone to Warrenton where I know he will be kindly treated. He was shot in both legs.  I have had a bad cold for several days but am getting well of it now-

We have just now rcd. orders to march and I must close. We are now on our way to Mary Land, will cross to m the River to night or in the morning.

I will write every opportunity and I want you all the do the same. Love to all the family- Your devoted son PM Buford

Blogger’s Notes:

  • Parham has been engaged in the following three battles since the last posted letter:  Freeman’s Ford, Thoroughfare Gap, and Second Manassas.
  • A History of Company G, Eleventh Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A. documents information about comrades mentioned by Parham.
    • Walter S. Buford, present at Second Manassas, where on the second day he was mortally wounded, August 30, 1862; was taken to the hospital, where he died on the 15th of September.  […as gallant a soldier as ever stood before an enemy.  The record the Company shows that he was present at every battle in which the Company was engaged until he was mortally wounded.  Such records made the imperishable names of Lee and Jackson.  Our independence would have been assured could we have recruited our army with such material.  We would have been invincible. – A COMRAD.]  
    • Alexander T. (A T) Porter, present at Second Manassas, where he was killed on  the second day.
    • Warren S. (Sanford) Bodon, present at Second Manassas, he was severely wounded the last day…June 1, 1864, was shot through the thigh by a sharpshooter.
    • Esom B. Dooleysixteen years of age…present at…Second Manassas, where he was mortally wounded and died at Gainesville, Va., September, 1862. […a mere youth, modest and gentle as a girl, but every inch a soldier who neglected no duties and always ready to obey orders.]
  • Parham wrote of the Maryland Campaign by stating we are now on our way to Mary Land, will cross the River (i.e. Potomac) to night or in the morning.

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