8th Letter: Schooners and War Ships (October 20, 1861)

Camp Fisher Oct 20th 1861

Dear Mother,

Oct. 20 pt 1

October 20, 1861: page 1

I rcd yours and sisters [appears “the old mans” has been ripped off and “sisters” penciled in, possibly in another hand] letters two days ago which afforded me the greatest pleasure.

I have no news of importance to communicate.  We are hemed [sic] up here and never hear news, nor know anything only what is going on just around us.

I am enjoying good health at present having entirely recovered from the cold I had.  Newt and Dick are both complaining, but not very sick.  There is not much sickness in our Regiment at this time.  Though one died yesterday.

UnknownOur Battery on the River captured two schooners, loaded with Hay, Whiskey, and Corn. They also injured the War Vessle [sic] Pawnee, and thought she would sink if she did not get help soon. They have fired on our Batteries several times, but have done no damage yet.

It is thought we will have a fight pretty soon up about Mannassa [sic], but it is all conjecture, no privates know anything in these wars.  We now have orders to be prepared to march at a moments warning. We may march to morrow [sic] and may be a week, no one knows.

We got our cooking utensils last week and now doing our own cooking. I can make very good [“good” written in pencil, possibly in another hand] bread, good coffee, good stake [sic]. One of our mess has sent to Richmond for a negro– though I do not know [“know” written in pencil, possibly in another hand] whether he will come or not.

The Shaw boys rcd their winter goods yesterday all safe and sound.  Mine has not yet come, though I am not in need of them just now.

October 20, 1861: page 2

October 20, 1861: page 2

I must close for want of something to write. Tell Mary Jane and the [appears torn from page, possibly said “old man”] I will write to them soon.  Give my best respects to all the family and receive a portion for yourself. I remain as ever your devoted son.

P M Buford


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